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Develop School Characteristics - Inheriting a hundred years of alumni enterprise sustainable innovation

In order to cultivate outstanding enterprise backbone talents, we conduct lectures and forums on business management topics through the open and integrated teaching mode of high-level managers. Combining the advantages of our school and the development of professional technology, we will provide Taiwan's industry with stable and international perspectives of future leadership capabilities, and develop talent training that is fully integrated with the industry. It also brings together Taipei-Tech Elite Club alumni corporate organizations and regular meetings to conduct industry- research elite exchanges and professional dialogues, integrate on-campus professional knowledge learning and off-campus corporate experience and internship ecology, and promote the sharing of industry-government-university-research cooperation experience and innovation. In 109, there were 34 forums on business management issues, and 5 forums on elites. Combining multi-faceted topic lectures and forums to provide the ability and vision of key talents, topics include 5G topics, Aiot Internet of Things applications, smart machinery innovation, green energy technology, innovative business services and other trend frontier content, and give full play to the best in the special fields of National Taipei University of Technology. The universal value of the times. Taipei-Tech elite alumni sharing, inviting include Amou Technology-Global Vice President Xie Honghui, Chunghwa Telecom-Executive Vice President Lin Guofeng, Director of Guoguang Theater-Dr. Zhang Yuhua, Perak Group-Chairman Huang Qianghua, and Puyong Construction Company-Director Yang Yuehu. The directors and other professional managers share practical experience in leading enterprises, link resources from all parties to support the ability of alumni companies to achieve sustainable operations, and cultivate R&D talents needed for innovation-transformation in the post-epidemic era.
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