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Improve Learning Outcomes through Innovative Teaching - GUang DA Innovation Practice Platform

In order to establish a borderless higher education learning goal, the virtual academy under the name " GUang DA Institute " provides independent learning methods outside the academic system in the form of experience workshops, activity cooperation, and performances, and is committed to promoting flexible and diverse teaching models . In order to comply with the mission of GUang DA Institute ,we establishment of a WORKSHOP education platform to implement teaching innovation with "We teach, We choose, We learn", " General Education ", "cross-field needs" and "independent learning". GUang DA Institute WORKSHOP course survey questionnaire community, refine the teaching content. 109 GUang DA Institute WORKSHOP education platform completed 22 cross-field experiential workshops this year, covering topics in different fields such as technology, lifestyle, sports, hand-made, programming, language, and business, and cultivate non-undergraduates 217 people in the department, 137 people in related departments, 98 faculty members and alumni, a total of 452 people. The number of the promotion platform this year has grown to 2,000. The students come from various colleges, including 8.4% of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 8.4% of the School of Electronic Resources, 9.2% of the School of Engineering, 9% of the School of Management, 20.3% of the School of Design, and 28.5% of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Co-creating a new cross-field learning environment, and also creating a diverse and borderless autonomous learning model required by future generations. Through campus fairs, club fairs, university introductory courses, department publicity, second-hand market, community management, etc., students from different departments are invited to come to the platform to propose common learning topics, and create a variety of fields without difference learning environment.

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