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Develop School Characteristics - Strengthen the human structure of higher-level research

Invite high-level International Distinguished Visiting Professor(IDVP) to our school for joint research, promote the internationalization of our school, increase the output of research results and improve its international academic reputation.

By inviting international scholars to conduct research together, and the total period of the visit to the school must not be less than 30 days, the applicant should submit the achievement report and submit two high-quality journal papers within two years after the end of the international scholar's visit.

In 109, the pilot program of International Distinguished Visiting Professor(IDVP) has been approved. Four high-level talents have been approved to visit Taiwan for short-term research, covering international scholars from internationally renowned universities in Asia and Northern Europe. Among them, the FWCI value has reached nearly 5 in the past three years. Scholars, in the future, will publish SCI papers jointly with the teachers of our school. To ensure maximum impact of the university’s research through both knowledge exchange activities and promotion of the university’s research.

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