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Develop School Characteristics - Make good use of the characteristic iFabLab factory - type laboratory chain industry

In order to understand the development of factory-type laboratories and the trend of cooperation with the industry, promote research development, practical teaching, and industry-academic cooperation, and implement the school as a practical research university, it is planned to link industry resources through factory-type laboratories, and specially formulated " The National Taipei University of Technology rewards factory-type laboratories for the operation principle of visiting activities", post the QRcode of the visit satisfaction questionnaire with the identification system in the factory-type laboratories, and give points corresponding to different bodies, in order to be close to the factory-type laboratories The purpose of the establishment and the in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of factory-type laboratories. The questionnaires are divided into general questionnaires and professional questionnaires. The general questionnaires are for simple aspects such as characteristics, environment, and impressions; the professional questionnaires are for industries, equipment, and trial production energy. Do problem design.


At present, there are a total of 11 factory-type laboratories and 63 cooperative manufacturers, including 12 cooperative manufacturers of production and master courses. In line with the "Operational Principles of Subsidy for Training Technical Talents in Core Industries" and "Operational Points of Value-added Subsidy for Production and Research", we encourage factory business teachers and school teachers to handle training activities, and deepen the cooperation link between industry and factories and laboratories. At present, smart textiles are available. Two factory-type laboratories, the scientific and technological development laboratory and the biomedical materials engineering cross-field R&D center, applied for value-added subsidies for production and research.


A total of 49 visits and feedbacks were collected this year, including 43 general questionnaires and 6 professional questionnaires, including "New Optoelectronic Material Development and Application Laboratory", "Flexible Electronic Packaging Laboratory" and "Intelligent Industrial Production Teaching Factory" The overall satisfaction reached 86%, 95%, and 90% respectively.

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