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Develop School Characteristics - improve learning and research condition of core industries

In order to respond to the needs of the industry and the development of the country, and actively promote research and development in the field of superior technology, give priority to the two major fields of "energy" and "intelligent sensor", and prepare for the establishment of cross-field, cross-field, and cross-border " "Frontier Institut of Researche for Science and  Technology ", and at the same time promote the cross-domain, cross-school, cross-institution, cross-company, cross-public sector cooperation and linkage of the research center. Through the advantages of both fields and talents and technologies, more research and development results can be achieved. Innovative breakthroughs, to achieve cross-field industry-university cooperation and a base for cross-border technology links.

Through the integration of cross-domain R&D energy inside and outside the school, guide teachers and researchers across colleges to form a R&D team, and use the Matching Research Center to conduct cross-domain links, and cooperate with enterprises, research legal persons, academic institutions, government departments and other partners , Jointly invest research resources in multiple directions, establish long-term industry-university cooperation, increase the breadth of links, and strive for large-scale government plans through teamwork to promote practical research capacity.

Domestically, the "Energy Research Institute" completed a memorandum of industry-university cooperation with CECI, SINOTECH, and Taiwan Research Institute to improve the localized supply chain of offshore wind power; the "AI Research Institute" established the "Smart Railway Research Institute", undertaking of the Ministry of Transportation’s project "Intelligent Railway Industry Talent Academy of the Ministry of Education", cooperating with Yuanze University, Kainan University, Taipei Metro, and Taoyuan Metro to create a national smart railway team. Link Industry, government and academic energy. Internationally, Taipei Tech has established sister schools with 386 universities around the world, including Tohoku University, Kyushu University, and University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT) in the Czech Republic, etc., to promote academic and teacher-student exchanges. Taipei Tech belongs to the University system of Taipei. It also completed the signing of a letter of intent for cooperation with SixERS, six universities in Japan, and concluded alliance-to-union transnational cooperation, carried out in-depth international cooperation and talent cultivation, and was in line with international cutting-edge technology.

In addition, Taipei Tech is also actively using various opportunities to match foreign cross-domain cooperation. This year, Taipei Tech Research Center of Energy Conservation for New Generation of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Sectors

 and Graz University of Technology Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) established the first cooperative relationship. In November, the two parties will jointly implement a one-year research plan. Associate Professor Amrit Paudel’s team will link the research and development results of physical properties and performance of planar membrane humidifiers of our school. In terms of pharmaceutical powder preparation processing, the effectiveness and difference between the original dehumidification and the new technology will be compared. Correct. Through this cooperation to deepen the relationship between the two sides, we look forward to the continuation of the transnational and inter-university cooperation with Graz University of Technology in the future.

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