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Develop School Characteristics - Building an integrated information system for campus cloud cascading - Virtual Creative Platform

The system platform is mainly constructed as R&D-oriented, learning-oriented, internship-oriented, and enterprise-oriented, and the systems built are R&D energy presentation platform (R&D), workshop platform (learning), learning feedback system (learning), i-Intern internship system (internship), and the planned Virtual and Physical Proofing Integration Services (VPPIS). Proofing Integration Services (VPPIS), the following are introductions

  • R&D energy presentation platform: The system platform mainly collects the research results of our faculty in the field of HIGHER (522 results) and provides information to our members of the Global Research & Industry Alliance(GLORIA) and facilitates collaboration opportunities.
  • Workshop platform: We follow the concept of recruiting teachers, courses, and problem and implement the spirit of professional liberalization to select courses and take courses flexibly (22 micro-credit courses and 49 workshops have been completed), and provides a course proposal function for students, Let yourself become the master of learning.
  • Learning feedback system: Teachers can use the system and instantaneously understand students' learning problems and can provide suggestions and guide students to solve problems. Learning feedback system to record students' learning experiences (46 teacher projects, 31 teachers and 86 students, 725 feedback records)
  • Intern internship system: Build an internship system that allows students' internship information forms to be made available online, and collects internship data for analysis and future policy formulation.
  • Virtual and Physical Proofing Integration Services: We provide various services such as virtual proofing, physical proofing, equipment rental, mass production testing, etc., and offer a variety of resources for sharing with the outside world.
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